Lezecké stena Žilina, Bouldering

Bouldering – Outdoor Climbing in the Backyard

Warmer months of the year are slowly approaching warmer months and so we have decided to expand our outdoor climbing areas – and not anyhow… ????. There is a growing boulder wall with regular racing parameters. Those are 30 meters in width and 4.5 meters in height. We lengthened the existing outdoor rope-wall by 3.75m. Therefore we have reached a height of 17 meters.

Bouldering Wall Parameters
Height Width
4,5m 30m
Total Area

Climbing Profiles
Overhang 30°
Moderate overhang 17°
Belly 15° – 70° – 18°
Moderate overhang with slap 15° a -6°
Vertical profile 90°


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