Climbing instructors

Many of us in our lives have been maybe more climbing than walking. We are professional climbers. Our experiences will be used mainly to make you and your children happy to climb, and we're looking forward to your next visit.


Climbing Instructor

Gogo is a climber with like a zillion experiences! He is a great (and also quite tall) climbing competitor – a finalist and a medalist from the Slovak Cup. He leads his 3 children not only to climbing, sports and nature.


Receptionist + Instructor

Tomas started to climb a little later and now he is trying to catch up. You can meet him on the wall or on local climbing rocks.



“For climbing, I like the feeling of freedom associated with the fact that nothing prevents me from being myself. And of course, people who are connected with climbing.”


Climbing Instructor

Katka graduated from the UK in Physical Education and Sports for All. She took more than one-time medals from Slovak Championship and Cups. She was a member of the rock climbing Slovak representative. Katka is very close with yoga, she likes coffee, tea, spices, and all these meets in Ayurveda.


Route Setter

“The Oldman” He climbs, builds, makes, designs, and mainly bosses. You can see many valuable climbing experiences in his work. He takes care of creating new climbing routes on the wall.


Climbing Instructor

Ľubka has brown belt (2. kyu) of the traditional Seishin karate school. Her 6-year experience teaching ninja-children is now being used during lessons for small spider-kids and in our pre-school.

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