Climbing pre-school

Next climbing pre-school comming – 14.03. !

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You can sing up for 2 training blocks in advance

Climbing pre-school 3rd Trimester – 2018/2019
  Time lesson Last lesson
Thursday 16:00 – 17:00 14.03.2019 02.05.2019
Climbing pre-school 4th Trimester – 2018/2019
Thursday 16:00 – 17:00 07.05.2019 27.06.2019

Sport has many benefits for preschoolers. At our regular lessons, climbing and physical activity will shape the development of your children. We will try to cultivate and develop movement skills, habits and abilities, to strengthen the right-to-left orientation and the overall orientation in space, vertical and horizontal. We will create an positive relationship to physical activities and climbing.

Develop the movement and coordination of your little ones with one of the most natural forms of movement for children – climbing

Baby movements are not just motor activity. By movements, the child expresses various events, feelings and thoughts. Children, through physical activity, create a positive image of themselves and associate with physical, mental and social well-being. Through climbing and sport we are developing the positive aspects of children’s personality. We teach them to control their behavior, be patient, considerate, have a sense of honest sporting competition and create the ability to reconcile with loss. Last but not least, the greatest pros of pre-school sports include reduced sickness and increased physical fitness. Especially for health, we will be very happy to see your kids on Thursdays! Aplication form.

Send filled form to or bring personally.

Price: 5,00€/ lesson, 8/ 16 lessons (40€ / 80€) 1st lesson: 14.03./ 09.05.

  • Payment 40€/ 80€ for training block must be due to the first lesson of the current block.
  • Price includes
    • Entrance fee for training 60 min.
    • Professonal instructor
    • Rental fee: climbing harness, magnesium
    • Not including rental of climbing shoes