Indoor Climbing Wall K2 Žilina

Climbing Wall K2 Zilina

Indoor and Outdoor Climbing for All

Dimensions of Climbing Wall
Total Area
Indoor Outdoor
Area Max. Height Area Max. Height
+/-1300m2 15m +/-250m2 17m

Profiles of the climbing wall allow climbing for everyone. You will find clearly marked short routes for children, simple routes in vertical and slap profiles for beginners, and challenging routes in overhangs for trained climbers. Climbing routes are regularly changed in more than 80 climbing lines and offer great variability of climbing.

Outdoor climbing with a 17-meters in height is available when the weather allows it. Great for endurance!

OWe have a few self-belayers. They are excellent for beginners whose climbing-partner may not dare to be confident to belay or just for loners. However, if you haven’t climbed on it yet, ask our staff for instructions.


Dimensions of Bouldering walls
Total Bouldering Area
Angle Max. Height Area MOONBOARD
Height Width Angle
45° 4,5m +/-30m2 3,15m 2,44m 40°
Area Height Width
+/-55m2 4,5m 30m
Bouldering Profiles
Overhang Moderate Overhang Belly Moderate Overhang + slap Vertical profile
30° 17° 15° – 70° – 18° 15° a -6° 90°

Boulders will surely love climbing on our new outdoor bouldering with proper racing parameters. Five different profiles – 30m wide in total and 4,5m in height. The wall is protected from rain by the roof.

However, if cats and dogs were raining, you can still climb inside on a 45° boulder profile rich in holds and structures or you can “moonboarding”. More and more popular moonboard in hard difficulty version – with LED lights under a particular boulder. And if you don’t know the app, be sure to download it. And of course, The fall zone is secured by boulder mats/ pads for maximum safety.

For Kids

On the first floor, there is a smaller children’s climbing section with short, vertical, or slap profiles with fixed ropes. A children’s corner with a small climbing wall is situated on the ground floor, right next to the café. So parents can always watch over.

Caffe, Shop and Rental

The café will provide you with a nice base to chill before or after climbing. In addition to coffee, tea, soft drinks, and beer, we also offer sports supplements in the form of pre-training and after-training beverages and bars.

Our professional staff will advise you to choose the right climbing gear, whether in the rental or shop.

We are looking forward to your visit!