Privat Belayer

Privat Belayer

Climbing with Privat belayer is an excellent choice for those who wants climbing just to try. You do not need to learn anything. Even though we know that after such a taste, many of you will want just more.

During your visit, you will be accompanied by a qualified instructor, a “personal assistant” that looks after your safety, will belay you while climbing and will instruct you how to correctly behave on the wall.

For climbing, you need sportswear, climbing harness, chalk + chalk bag and climbing shoes (or clean indoor sneakers). You can borrow all climbing equipment at rental service.

  • 15€
  • Hour
  • Price includes
  • Climbing instructor – belayer
  • Price does NOT include
  • Entry fee
  • Rental


  • Duration
  • Variable


  • Number of persons on a belayer
  • 1 – 4


  • Age
  • 5+