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Anatomic Boulder Star 2023 |

The Results: Anatomic Boulder Star 09.09.2023

Anatomic Boulder STAR 09.09.2023 The Results Women MEN Photo gallery Anatomic Boulder Star 9.9.2023 The

Lezecké krúžky pre deti |

Climbing Courses for Kids

Climbing Courses for Kids During the school year, we offer regular training sessions and courses

Lezecká škôlka |

Climbing pre-school

Climbing Pre-shool Physical training for preschool children from 4 to 6 years During the school


Indoor Climbing Wall K2 Zilina

On 1400m2 of climbing area you can find 80 climbing lines of different difficulty. There are short and vertical lines for beginners, longer and slightly overhang for advancers and big overhang lines for masters. Each climbing routes is classified and marked by color. Climbing routes are regularly changed and offer wide variability for indoor climbing. Max height of the wall is 17 meters.

Our Team

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Juraj "Gogo" Gondžúr

Climbing Instructor
Climber with zillion experiences. Great competitor, finalist and medalist from the Slovak Cups. He enjoys traveling and exploring the world.

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Tomáš Orieščik

Climbing Instructor
Tomas started to climb a little later and now he is trying to catch up. You can meet him on the wall or on local climbing rocks.
he was almost sure.
So he took them off
that frightned he was."

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Ing. Marek Repčík

Climbing instructor & Route setter
Manufacturer of Climbing Holds, Excellent climber, Boulder master of Slovakia, today enthusiastic surfer and clod water swimmer.

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Mgr. Katka Sýkorová

Climbing Instructor
Several medalist from slovak cups and championships. She likes coffee, tea, spices and yoga, and together these all meet in ayurveda.

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