Anatomic Boulder Star 05.10.2019

Anatomic Boulder Star 05.10.2019

We invite you to a bouldering competition on the outer climbing wall. They will be held on 5.10.2019 in the climbing center K2 in Žilina.

During the summer we managed to finish the outdoor bouldering wall and despite the fact that we did not plan any competition this year, the overall character of the wall convinced us that it still needs to be done.

We thought for a long time about what race format to choose. In the end we decided to combine one complete novelty and one almost unused “excavation”.

The first and essential thing is to allow only climbers who are not in the top ten in both Slovak and Czech ranking (women in the first 2-st). The explanation is simple – there are a lot of good climbers who would like to compete, but they know they will miss the finals in the classic cup races. Finalists are more or less always the same. The fact that they have a low chance of good placement is unnecessarily discouraging the others. The race is much more interesting when I have a real chance to fight for the final. The tip is relatively narrow, but the rest of the field is much more even. By excluding a few of the best we can do an interesting action where it will be difficult to predict the winners.

The second is the qualification of the “racing” style – 5 boulders, climbing the OS one by one, 5 min. boulder, 5 min. rest. The goal is to create a racing atmosphere also in the qualifying – I have to come under the problem, I know that the referee and spectators are watching me and I have to show what I can do at the moment. No bulk flash climbing 20 boulders, which more like training with friends than racing. This style of qualification is almost unused in our country, so we want to revive it a bit.

Our intention is to do a cool but well organized race. During the race, the entrance to the climbing center will be halfway-the races are only in the outdoor area except the isolation, everything else will be normally open.



  • 9 00 – 10 00 Registration women
  • 11 00 – 13 00 Qualification women
  • 12 00 – 13 00 Registration men
  • 14 00 – 17 00 Qualification men
  • 17 30 – 18 30 Finals women
  • 19 00 – 20 00 Finals men

Start Fee: 10€

  •  refreshment, t-shirt/ T-shirt guaranteed when registered until 22.09.


  • 1st place men  200,- Eur
  • 1st place women 200,- Eur
  • 2nd, 3rd places – material prices


Please fill the online registration for easier management reasons.  Registration is online until 3.10. 23:00. T-shirt guaranteed when registered until 22.09.

Online registration


  • Qualification: 5 boulders, 5 min/ boulder, 5 min rest, On-sight
  • Finals: 4 boulders, 4 min/ boulder, 4 min rest, On-sight
  • Scoring: number of tops, munber of zones, number of tries on tops, number of tries on zones


  • Routesetters: Jakub Švub, Marek Repčík
  • Main referee: Michal Viskup

Only climbers who are not in the current Slovak, resp. Czech ranking in the top ten (in the first two women). Only climbers older than 15 years can participate in the competition.

Sponsors: Anatomic, K2, Ocun, Singing Rock, Techwood, Planika