Our Team

Climbing Instructors

Many of us in their lives have been maybe more climbing then walking. We are professional climbers. Our experience will be used mainly to make you and your children happy to climb, and were looking forward to next visit.

  • Baša

Barbora, or Basha – as many on the wall call her, is currently a student of special pedagogy. That´s why you can mostly see her in the presence of our smallest ones in climbing pre-school, courses or camps.

She considers herself a coffee lover. She also took a baristic course to enrich her knowledge about the world of coffee.

Basha likes to try new things and push herself forward. In addition to climbing, she is interesting in medieval fencing in modern conditions, namely – a sports fencing with a long sword in the HEMA category (Historical European Martial Arts)

  • Tomáš

“Thomas, mate of ours,
was bitten by his trousers


They want to eat him
he was almost sure.


So he took them off
that frightned he was.”

  • Marek

Most peoply call him “The Oldman”, but he never was. Type of person who is never bored, never stops working and never will. He climbs, builds, makes, designs and mainly bosses. You can see many valuable climbing experiences on his work, since he has been climbing since he was 14 years old. He likes windsurfing, traveling, fast cars and he is a polar bear. He also takes care of creating new climbing routes on a regular basis on the wall.

  • Ľubka

Ľubka, a very action-woman. Two children, two dogs and third on the way. … actually, two dogs, two kids and third on the way. Plus one piece of husband.

If I had to walk late in the dark aisle, I would like to have Ľubka with her brown belt (2.kju) of the traditional seishin karate school by my side. Her 6-year experiences teaching ninja-children is now being used during lessons for small spider-kids and in our pre-school. However, you can also meet at climbig courses for adults.

In recent years she has become a full-time mother. She dedicates her free time (if there is left any) to skating, horse riding and dog care.

  • Katka

Katka is not only a perfect climber, but also a graduate from the UK in Physical Education and Sports for All. In time of her active climbing she took more then one time a medal from slovak Championship and Slovak Climbing Cups. She was a member of rock climbing Slovak representative. Katka is very close with joga, she likes caffe, tea, spices and all these meets in ayurveda, which she is interested in. She just recently became a mum and she is already looking forward to use her new valuable experiences in climbing lessons and children’s climbing trainings.

  • Lenka

„Leziem, pretože ma to baví a napĺňa. Mám rada výzvy ťažkých ciest. Stráviť deň pod skalami, bojovať v ceste, to ma baví.”

For those who deal with climbing there is no need to specialy introduce her. If you have to use only two words for discrabing Lenka, it will be strenght and durabulity. During summer you can meet her regularly fight the most difficult climbing lines. During winter preparation she climbs almost every night in the indoor climbing wall in Zilina. She´s several Slovak champion in Lead climbing and bouldering, the total winner of several Slovak Cups. On her list of achievments there are many firsts female rock climbing ascents in Slovakia and Czech Republic. She has been a representative member of the Slovak Republic for several years.