Our Team

Climbing Instructors

Our team is composed of professional climbers, masters of Slovakia and foreign slovak climbing representive. They will offer you long-term experiences, either during climbing courses for adults or during your children’s climbing trainings.


Mgr. Katarína Sýkorová graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Comenuis University of Bratislava in Physical Education and Sport with Specialization in “Sport for Public”. After completing her studies she worked as special assistant at FPES CU Bratislava. Within her active climbing activities she is multiple medalist from the Slovak Championship and Slovak Climbing Cups. She was a member of rock climbing Slovak representative. Since 1998, after a year of study, she has been licenced yoga instructor.


„I climb because I enjoy it and it fills me. I like challenges of hard climbing lines. Spending the day under the rocks, fight in the line, I enjoy it.”

Lenka Mičicová – there is no need to specialy introduce her for those who deal with climbing. During summer you can meet her regularly fight the most difficult climbing lines. During winter preparation she climbs almost every night in the indoor climbing wall in Zilina. She´s several Slovak champion in Lead climbing and bouldering, the total winner of several Slovak Cups. On her list of achievments there are many firsts female rock climbing ascents in Slovakia and Czech Republic. She has been a representative member of the Slovak Republic for several years.


Ingineer, builder, producer of climbing holds & walls and owner of Anatomic company which stands behind the foundation of Indoor Climbing Wall K2 Zilina. Last but not least, he is a great climber, a former climbing representative, Slovak champion in bouldering, a participant in the world bouldering cup. At this time, an enthusiastic surfer and cold water swimmer.