Lezecká stena K2 Žilina

From Boiler into a Climbing Wall

From boiler into a climbing wall K2 Žilina

We haven´t open yet doors of the new climbing wall K2, and many people from Zilina are asking where it exactly is. Many of them have thoroughly overlooked the old building of the former boiler room, which we have transformed into modern looking building.

Former boiler room, Now Indoor Climbing Wall K2 Zilina

On the outer façade a 100m 2 of climbing surface with four tops were added. Climbing lines begin on a balcony and continue with straight and slightly slope climbing profile.

In the first part of the building, we had to “clean up” on the ground floor to create a good base for further work. The stairs and the railing were added.

We have reconstructed the roof and using the wooden trusses from the company Techwood made it higher. This resulted in a maximum of 15 meters height of the climbing wall.

Premena Kotolne na Lezeckú stenu

The second part of the climbing wall, was built first and less demanding on the reconstruction. We created easier, slightly sloping and vertical climbing profiles.

V pravej časti nájdete náš najväčší previs pre najlepších lezcov.

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