Climbing Courses for Kids

Climbing Courses for Kids

We sincerely invite you and your children to climbing lessons, which start on 16.09. at 16:30 on the climbing wall K2 Žilina. Your children will enjoy great hours of playful and technical climbing with instructors Katka and Gogo. Climbing lessons are suitable for children from 6 (5,5) years.

Climbin lessons – 1st Trimester – 2019/2020
Time 1st training Last training
Monday 16:30 – 17:45 16.09.2019 16.12.2019
Wednesday 16:30 – 17:45 18.09.2019 18.12.2019


Climbing lessons run under guides of Katka Sýkorová and Juraj Gondžúr. Children train in divided groups into beginners and moderate advanced climbers. During the school year we have 3 rounds (trimesters) of training blocks.

We are offering climbing in form of motion and games that increase children´s strength, fitness, very important developmental coordination of movements and overall physical development. Climbing itself is supplemented by stretching exercises, exercises for muscle imbalance before and after training.

Kids train in groups for begginers and medium advanced under the direction of the coach. Duration of on training is 60 minutes. Payment of the coures is due to the first lesson.

Application Form


Send us filled application form via e-mail: or bring us personally.

The training block must be paid before the first meeting.

Climbing lessons

  • Price: 117€/13 lessons
  • Discount price for siblings and for attendances 2lessons per w.: 210€ (26 lessons)
  • 1 lesson: 75min.
  • Climbing shoes are required.
  • For 6yo (5,5) kids and older

Price includes

  • Entrance fee during lessons
  • Climbing instructor
  • Rental fee – climbing harness, magnezium chalk + chalk bag
  • Climbing shoes not included

Climbing instructors

  • Juraj - Gogo - Gondžúr

Gogo is a climber with like a zillion experiences! He is great (and also quite tall) climbing competitor – finalist and medalist from the Slovak Cup. He leads his 3 children not only to climbing but to practicing sports and spending time in nature in general. He enjoys traveling and exploring the world.

  • Katka Sýkorová

Katka is not only a perfect climber, but also a graduate from the UK in Physical Education and Sports for All. In time of her active climbing she took more then one time a medal from slovak Championship and Slovak Climbing Cups. She was a member of rock climbing Slovak representative. Katka is very close with joga, she likes caffe, tea, spices and all these meets in ayurveda, which she is interested in.


1During training you should wear sportswear. In case the child does not have climbing shoes, it is more tightly sporting shoes such as football boots (without studs), exercise shoes or shoes. We recommend wearing a bottle of water (the best clean water). Please do not carry food training, consumption during training disrupts training.

2It is more appropriate if the parent is not present during the training. The presence of parents disturbs training.

3Parents who will come to pick up their kids after training will wait for the baby in the bar – the front of the climbing wall. If the child is to be helped during the dressing, please ask the parents to ask the attendant to go through the turnstile.